Author Topic: Bled new Wilwood brakes but still spongy pedal  (Read 25538 times)

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Re: Bled new Wilwood brakes but still spongy pedal
« Reply #180 on: December 31, 2020, 02:51:49 PM »
Hi Jim, what was the final problem found by SR Perf?  My brakes went soft last week (no components changed) and they sound like exactly the same problem.  I have speed bleeders, and my trusty Mityvac, however still same  1 off the floor.  Did the pump and hold bleed which found a small hard line to braided flex line leak (FRS), tightened up and bled again for solid fluid, same 1 pedal again.  Master cylinder is about 8 years old, but very low miles.  I get a small spirt up through my front brake system when the pedal is pressed quickly.  I assume that my front pot piston seal is worn, but before I go through the whole component change out test, re-test, re-test, etc, etc exercise of this 15 page (and many months exercise), I figured that Id ask what the problem was before repairing or upgrading...
Thanks,  Matt