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A few dress up tips
« on: April 28, 2003, 08:41:55 PM »
Quick Dress Up Tips For Your Driver or For Sale Corvette
Sometimes just a little "frosting" will really make a tired Corvette shine. After your usual wash & wax try one or all of the following and see how much better your car looks or sells.

Tip #1

On 1975-79 Corvettes, the small, black bumperettes often fade to an unappealing gray or yellow. This can be easily remedied with some masking tape, masking paper, and Mid America's Semi-gloss Black Paint. Clean the bumperettes to remove dirt and wax. Lightly sand with #600 wet/dry sandpaper and mask off with tape and paper. Spray light coats of paint. Let paint partially dry between coats for best coverage. You may want to practice a few coats on cardboard to see the spray pattern. You may want to prime, but we have had excellent results with just the paint. This is not a concours job, but will really clean up the front and rear view of your Corvette.

Tip #2

Now that your car's bumpers are up to par, they may make the grilles look a hit faded. 1973-82 grilles may be dismounted with a phillips screwdriver and the parking lenses masked off or removed. Now you can once again use your trusty can of Semi-gloss Black Paint. This will give a very original-looking pair of grilles. Be sure to shoot several light coats to avoid runs. You may want to use new screws if the present ones are rusted.

Tip #3

The black anodized trim around the windshield of 1977-82's and on the rear window of 1978-82 Corvettes can really take a beating from the sun and weather. The dull or mottled finish does nothing for a car's appearance or resale value. Most black paints will not stick to this surface or will not give an original look. However, Mid America has formulated a unique Black Anodized Paint that will adhere to the trim metal and gives an original look and finish. Use your masking tape and paper to mask off the glass and painted areas to avoid overspray. When using this paint on metal, it is important to spray light coats and to let them dry before shooting again. This will help you avoid "fish-eyes", the little craters that sometimes appear. Multiple coats will avoid these or will cover them if they appear in the first coat. Give the paint plenty of time to dry before removing the tape and paper.

These tips are not designed to get you a Gold, but will make your daily driver shine and might put a little extra Green in your pocket at sale time!

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