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Bose amplifier relay for 86

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My Bose amp relay (ACDelco part 14078902) has given up the ghost and needs replacing.

Has anyone found a local alternative for this?

Don't like my chances of getting one from US before Xmas.


My 87 had just a bosch type  relay I removed it as original stereo had been totally removed. Just use a relay available from jaycar about $6. Pretty sure still have the wiring I remove. I had to replace a relay on ABS that was defective all I had to do was relocate the negative coil wire in base and was able to use an off the shelf type relay rather than a corvette specific relay. If you need help give me a call

I know it is a 30 amp relay.

It just looks like any other spotlight relay and I could easily wire another relay to work but it has an extra component wired between the trigger wire and the earth (C and B).

I am not sure what a regular relay would do to the system without that component.  I have no training in electronics so I don't know how to tell what it is.

The pics don't show it very well but it is on the wiring diagram.  see attached


My research tells me it is likely a diode which only allows current to flow in one direction.

What kind of diode and which direction is what I don't know.

I might go to Jaycar and ask one of those young guys.

Your cct diag is straight forward.

The relay consists of a "NO" (normally open) contactor (A~D) and a Coil (B~C) with a diode connected internally (in parallel) across the coil.

Diodes are always one directional, in basic terms they are rectifiers, they allow the flow of power in one direction, blocking the opposite direction. In DC cct's, like in cars they can be used to absorb back EMF's or voltage spikes generated by the coils when power is turned on or more importantly off. The coil is energised whilst the Stereo is on, upon switching off the collapsing flux generates a massise voltage spike, which can be fed or induced into cars wiring. Not good for electronics.

As Sirfixalot says, a std Bosch auto relay will do the job, watching the wiring, and either internally or externall connecting a diode across the coil wiring - a run of the mill diode like a 1N4004 should do the job. The diode symbol has an arrow feeding into a flat line - this line equates to the white line drawn around the body of the diode.

The Series 2 C4's (90 onwards) use std Bosch style relays and bases in most applications, I suppose GM Engineers had to wake up at some stage and stop trying to re-invent the wheel, to make life hard for its customers.


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