Author Topic: Low mileage 2012 Grand Sport Corvette with Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger  (Read 2055 times)

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WOW!  Thanks to you all for your input and comments.  Much appreciated!  Had no idea that there was so much involved in terms of hoops to jump through and costs.   :thud: :thud: :thud:

Hello my Australian friends!

My Corvette is an honest-to-goodness California car, adult driven, unmolested (stock,) never been tracked.  It has a 6-speed manual with just over 33,000 miles on the clock and I am the second owner.  The color is a special order Chevrolet color called Carlisle Blue, with silver "GS" stripes on the front left quarter.  You won't see m(any) like it.  The car is fully loaded, has the special stitched (blue on black) leather interior, with factory carbon fiber in the cabin.  Tires, wheels and brakes are all in great shape.  It has always been professionally maintained by the local Chevy dealer or a specialty Corvette shop called A&A Corvette in Oxnard, CA.  The body and paint are also in excellent condition.  The car sleeps indoors under a car cover.  I am selling it because even though I recently retired, I still don't have much time to drive it!  I thought to sell the car in Australia because I know that there are some big Corvette fans down there and this really is a special 'vette!  As mentioned in the headline, the engine is topped by a low-profile Edelbrock "E-Force" supercharger and generates 555 horsepower on the dyno.  I do not believe that this was a factory installed supercharger, although the factory was producing this 'vette with the same supercharger as an $11,000. option.

In closing, I am not familiar with what you'd be required to do to import a car in terms of getting it shipped, registered, etc., but I will help in everyway that I can on this side to make it happen.  Where I live is in Oxnard, California, is about an hour up the coast from downtown Los Angeles.

I am asking $75,000 USD.

Please write with any questions that you may have.

Best regards,  JP

Post Script - Please let me know if you'd like me to zip you a folder of photos.

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Yours is truly a beautiful Vette however at $75000us that equates to $100000 Au Dollars plus $10000 import duty plus about $3000 freight , plus between  $50000 and $ 60000 to convert to right hand drive which  is a requirement for registration in Australia. This may make your car cost prohibitive . However I wish you luck , personally I would love to see this Vette on an Australian road . Ray

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Plus it's modified, so I believe it doesn't qualify to be legally imported and converted because of this.

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Read all about importing cars into Oz here:
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