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Advertising Rates For NSW CLUB WEBSITE


The club has numerous advertising opportunities on this site with a varying price range.

There are three main sections on the site:-
1) The Forum
2) The Main Website
3) The Members Picture Gallery (MPG) 

The forum only has two spots, the bottom below the footer which is presently occupied by Corvette Alterations & Conversions and advertising either the left or right hand sides.  For your $1000 per year for the footer, you get a banner up to 800 wide and this appears on every page that is opened on the forum. You also get a business card size ad on the front page of the main website with hot links to your site and a large ad on the sponsors page of the website. The left or right hand sides cost $200 per year 160 x 100 per ad.

Forum Signature Advertising.

In this option you get an ad, that we draft up, 650w x100h pixels with a clickable link to your website. In addition you also get 3 lines of text, Contact name, phone number and email address.

NSW Corvettes members pay $100 per year and non club members pay $150 per year.

Obviously you have to be a registered member of the forum. Your ad will appear in each and every post you do on the forum. You are also allowed to promote your business/products on the forum

On the main website, there are numerous spots. Just about every page can be sponsored. 

Here are some examples:- Please note you will  be the soul advertiser on these pages listed below in examples A,B,C

A) The club photo pages here A sponsored ad here (13 individual pages and growing) with hot links to your site is $500 per year. These are one if not the most popular pages viewed on the main website. For your $500 you also get a business card size ad on the front page of the main website with hot links to your site. This alone is worth $200 a year but is part of this sections deal.

B) The Members Corvettes pages here A sponsored ad here with hot links to your site is $300 per year. 

C) The Events pages here  A sponsored ad on this page with hot links to your site is $200 per year. 

All the other pages bar the front page are $150 per year and include hot links to your site

The front page of the main website here cost $200 per year for a business card size ad similar to what you see there now. All ads are hot linked to your website.

The Club can also work out package deals which are a combination or mix and match of the above to suit your budget. Also a link exchange is no problem and by all means we can put one here

All sponsors/advertisers are welcome to promote their products on the forum in the designated sections.

All prices are in Australian dollars and NOT subject to GST.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the club.

All advertising material is accepted on the understanding that is does not contravene the Trade Practice Act.

No responsibility is accepted by the NSW Corvette Club for statements made or the failure of any product or service to give satisfaction.

Inclusion of any advertisement shall not be construed as an endorsement by the New South Wales Corvettes Unlimited Car Club

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