September 2017

G'day Corvetters,

Well next month is our A.G.M. and the club is in need of new officers, so reach into yourself and see if you can help your club and stand for a position. You will be helped along the way if you require assistance.

As you know our present treasurer is not running, and the club cannot proceed without a treasurer. All the committee is standing down and their positions will become vacant, so please attend the A.G.M. with an open mind and help with the future of your club.

Also next month is our Show and Shine. Please get your entry forms in as early as possible as there is a lot to do, and trophies need to be arranged, etc. We will also need a few volunteers on the day so please make yourself known to the committee.

We have a few members on the sick list and we wish them all well. Dave is one on the sick list and even though he could not make it to the Gosford Car Museum run, he and Sandy organised it as well as lunch, and sent the final numbers to the relative people making it a most successful day. Thanks Dave and Sandy. Also on that run was another of our members who this time last year was on the list. Great to see the Sloanes and their lovely C3.

The day out for the Special Olympics is on again, this year it is known as ROAR and SOAR. We have six members down already, however we need more. It is a great day out and your chance to give back to young people who do their best for you and your country. Just go to the Roar and Soar website and nominate yourself under team Corvette - you won't regret it.

Don't forget to put the10th December aside for our Christmas party at The Oaks. Plenty of off street parking and plenty of room.


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