December 2017

G'day Corvetters,

It's nearly 'Santa Time', but first things first

G'day Corvetters,

It's nearly 'Santa Time', but first things first.

If you are on club rego, then all correspondence must go through Jorge first. Your club has said that you are required to attend 3 (three) club runs to validate your Rego with us, so please notify Jorge when you attend a run. You can also check with him at Rego time to see if you have enough runs for your Rego. It is not Jorge's job to notify you, so please keep up with your responsibilities as far as Rego goes.

Soar & Roar was attended by 18 Vettes, however this year's organisation from them left a little to be desired - I thought last year's was much better. That being said the athletes thought it was heaven even though 3 Corvettes put their passengers to sleep on 'Hot Laps' around Eastern Creek! My offsider had to be woken up to get out of the car!

Club Christmas Party is on again at "The Willows" to be held at the President and First Lady's place on Sunday 10th December. Please ring now as it is a catered event and we need to know numbers for the caterers. Also at this party we will be presenting the President's Awards of "Clubman of the Year and "Rookie of the Year". This will be the last function for this year and no meeting in January 2018 means that our next meeting is February 6th 2018!

Well what a year this has been - National Convention - New Committee. A BIG Thank You must go to all who have served the club so well. People have worked so tirelessly for the club. For those who have stood down to allow new blood and new ideas to steer the club into the future - your club says THANK YOU! All your efforts have been very much appreciated.

To all our members, our support team, Editor Karin Ross, Computer Guru Cam - Merry Christmas And A Safe And Happy New Year. Rhonda and I hope that Santa brings you what you hoped for - so eat, drink and be merry, but most of all, stay safe.

Readyvettego, Jeff

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