July 2017

G'day Corvetters,

This month I would like to ask you to start thinking of who should be running your club after the AGM. As you may know, the present committee has not only run the club this year, but also run a very successful Nationals, and are standing down.

 So new blood is required. Please put on your thinking caps and talk with other members to find out who is going to step up and put something back into this club.  You may want to be part of the committee or something less taxing like being our BBQ Organiser as Sue, Joh and Brian are also standing down after their long support of this event.

Brass Monkey Run:
Well attended run with 21 Corvettes and a shopping trolley. Good cruise up with some beautiful country scenery. No one got lost, so 21 + 1 cars arrived at the Archibald Hotel. We settled in quite easily to the pub and ordered our lunch which arrived without any fuss (good food too!) All in all a good way to spend a Sunday, good friends and good atmosphere. Three up-coming events:

1. Christmas In July.
This event should be marked as a 'NOT TO BE MISSED' event.  Corvettes are the excuse to get together, but FUN is the reality of the weekend. Book in, relax, make new friends and mingle with the old ones. Sorry to be missed this one because Rhonda and I have to attend our son's 40th birthday. Try to enjoy yourselves anyway.

2. Horsepower Day at Richmond
(Riding for the Disabled RFD), should be a good day. Any way we can help those less fortunate than us is always a good way to use our cars. So come on and support your club and RFD.

3. Penrith Regatta Brekky Run. Good early run to have some brekky with your mates and still have the rest of the day available to do with as you see fit. Join in and really start to enjoy the club. You will find that there is a
lot more to this club than just cars.

This month’s trivia
On Tuesday, June 30, 1953, Corvette # 1 Serial Number E535001001 rolled off the assembly line and Corvette production began. Want the rarest Corvette?  In 1953 the first two Corvettes, VIN Numbers 1 and 2 were said to have been destroyed but no records prove that fact and there are no witnesses to the destruction. Who knows? They might still be out there somewhere!


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