July 2018

G'day Corvetters,
Another month gone, but firstly I must apologise to all those who got caught in the incorrect pricing of our club fees. The reduction in club fees was only for last year as a thank you to all club members for the successful outcome of the Corvette Nationals that we held. Unfortunately I was not present at the meeting when it was decided that the reduction could continue. On my return it was pointed out to the committee that this was not meant to be the case and that it was not financially able to be carried by the club, so the discounted fee was rescinded. Once again, I apologise for any misunderstanding - the annual club fees are $75.00.

I attended this charity event last weekend and once again it was a great event with all available car spaces being filled. Around 150 cars on display. We had the usual show of cars (under 20). But beautiful weather and a great day was had by all who attended.

This was held again and what a well organised and well-run day it was. A very big thank you to WAYNE and DEB for all their effort - we had brass monkey badges presented to all who attended and a trophy was presented at lunch. The car of the day went to Jim and the 'cappuccino'. We ate lunch, talked a lot and then made our way home. A very pleasant day indeed. A special mention must go to LUKE and JANET who not only attended with two 'vettes, but had the roof off on both 'vettes and both kids attended (one in each 'vette - under blankets!) Well done.

It's on this month - PLEASE don't miss out. You can still book. Most of us are staying two nights, however you can come up for the day or for the dinner if you wish - just let me know if you are coming. We have 28 at the moment.

It won't be long now for our AGM and we will require some new committee members. I will not be running for President again as I think that it's time for some new blood in the chair. So give it some thought - if you'd like to give back to this club or think you can bring some renewed vigour into the club - then please stand up and have a go. I am only too happy to help you along the way if you feel the need for help. So come on, put on your thinking caps and think about your club's future.
Thank You!
Jeff Wilson
Club President

Thank You!
Jeff Wilson
Club President

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