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Forum attachment feature now operational


We have now switched on the file attachment feature..... again.  :lol:

They will show on the forum 600 wide or 600 high, which ever is the greater. If you click on them they will get bigger if the image uploaded is original larger than 600 wide. Depending on the dimensions of the picture you have uploaded, if picture is no larger than 700 wide it will get bigger on the forum, if large than 700 wide it will open in a new window.

This feature is not for attaching hundreds of pics per person/thread. If we allowed that we would blow the server space out of the water. Use a photobucket account for large albums.

To use the feature, which is only accessible from the reply screen as distinct from the quick reply screen, scroll down to the bottom when creating your post and you will see "Attachments and other options".  Click on that.  You will then be shown the attachment fields where you chose your pics from your computer.

File size limited to 150k per image. Max 6 per post

File types allowed are  gif, jpg, pdf & png.

If you have any questions or problems just give me yell. :hi:

Examples shown below.  First two will get bigger in a new window.  Last two will open in the forum

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