Author Topic: [How to] Plumbing stainless steel braided lines  (Read 2438 times)

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[How to] Plumbing stainless steel braided lines
« on: December 13, 2006, 10:34:57 PM »
Here's my attempt at documenting the procedure of plumbing your own stainless steel braided lines and fittings.

This procedure would be the same for various diameters of hose.

Step 1:

These are the parts required to make up one line (from end to end) so it is ready to install

Step 2:

Unscrewing one end of the fitting reveals a brass sleeve over the tubing where the line will meet the fitting

Removing the sleeve from the fitting:

Step 3:

In order to prepare the braided line so it is ready to install into the fitting, firstly make sure the line is cut neatly at a 90 degree angle.  If the line needs to be cut, wrap the line where it is to be cut neatly and securely with insulation tape (in order to prevent the stainless braiding from freying when being cut).

Make sure you install the nut..........

from the fitting onto the braided line by sliding it onto the line BEFORE the next step (making sure you have the fitting facing the right way when you do this)

Once sure the line is cut squarely, using a pair of pliers pull back the wire braid away from the nylon inner line.
(apologies for the out of focus picture - I'd rather post more pics rather than less to ensure the process is displayed as well as possible)

Step 4:

Once the braided line is ready, install the brass sleeve.........

by sliding it onto the end of the braided line (you should now be able to see why the wire braid had to be pulled back)

You may need to tap on the fitting to make sure it is securely seated on the line,

Note that by looking inside the brass fitting you can see how the plastic line is firmly against the brass fitting

Step 5:

You can now see the brass sleeve on the line ready to be installed into the fitting

Step 6:

All that is left is to slide the nut to the end of the line and screw it into the fitting ready for tightening

Finished...the line ready to install

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[How to] Plumbing stainless steel braided lines
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2006, 10:22:33 AM »
Teck tip;49
Just before you cut the hose wrap some masking tape firmly around the hose (2 layers);40 by doing this the brading will not splay out, and putting fittings on the hose is much easier. After the fittings are on you then simply pull the masking tape off.
Always use a thin cutting wheel do not use a hacksaw.;43