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Reservoir Tank Fitted
« on: November 14, 2005, 09:14:48 PM »
As promised here are the pictures of the Power Steering Reservoir Tank fitted.

The Billet resevoir tank for the power steering fitted to the inner guard

The inner guard is curved but the mounting bracket is flat. To get around this I first taped over the inner guard where the bracket was going to fit. The bracket was fixed to the guard on the flatter surface using one of the mounting bolts. I then ran masking tape up around the mounting bracket and down onto the tape on the inner guard. This formed a dam which I then poored in an epoxy resin, the Fusor product that I used to do my fibre glass repairs. Once the resin had set, the lot was removed. When the resin spacer was detached from the tape it was sanded smooth, painted and installed.
This method ensures that the spacer is the exact shape of the curved guard and flat mounting bracket.

Full picture showing location

Another one will be fitted to the opposite inner guard to balance the appearance of the engine bay.  This second reservoir will be for the radiator overflow.
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