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C4 1990 Front LH Roof Adjustment.


Does any one out there (in Oz) have a set of bolts & the tool to adjust the roof on 86L-96 Vettes.

To avoid having to remove all the trim, rear view, sun vizors etc off the windscreen, a set of hex bolts with thin heads and a very thin flat spanner is used to set the roof hold plates in the correct position.

If you have a set to either sell or loan - it would be muchly appreciated.     

Hi Vett
Would you have a sample of the bolt , or a drawing .

Got some hex head bolts, see pic Bfit for clarity.

Click on the pic to open, move etc and see more.

Job done, two hex bolts, flat spanner, in, adjusted, done.

Fiddly with roof off, fit bolts, roof on, align fitting, tighten the hex bolts, roof off and remove one hex at a time and replace with the original cheese head Tork bolts.

Put roof back on, all should now align correctly.

Now hopefully that loose clunking roof about to fly off noise is gone. 



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