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1976 C3 Bumper covers


I hope I got this right, its my first time on the Forum. I recently purchased a 1976 RHD Stingray and hoping you can help me out with where I can obtain a front and rear fibreglass bumper cover. The old ones are Urethane and break like glass, they are in pretty bad condition as is a lot of things on this car but I hope to register it by the middle of next year and my wife and I can join the club. I would appreciate any help. Regards Phil.

Get onto Glen @ Corvette Corner he will be able to sort you out with all parts ex the US there is also a guy in Qld who does all C3 fiberglass panels from memory his name is Simon Taylor PM me if you can't find his no I have it here somewhere. Both guys are on Facebook

Thanks so much for your advice I will follow up with your recommendations you have been a great help I will be asking many more questions in the near future I have a lot of challenging restoration work ahead of me

No problem ask away


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