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Giving the C6 Z06 some love


Hi gang
Iím giving the blue meany a bit of love.

I fitted side skirts some time ago that have been badly chipped with stones, so Iím getting them re blacked and will cover them with a plastic wrap to see if that reduces the chip impact.

My engine starting has been slow/lazy recently so next week Iím getting the HV lead replaced and heat wrapped.  This is a common problem with LS engines apparently.

Iíve noticed over the years of owning the car the gear changes have got a little grindy so Iím going to change the transmission fluid with Redline.  Keen to see if that gives any smooth change improvements.

A few years ago I did a full coil over suspension change, Iím getting this checked to see if the set up needs changing.

These things have been needed for a while I am pleased to get them moving.  Will keep you updated on progress.


What is your understanding of HV lead ? Does it have a gear reduction starter.

Not sure Doug, Iím guessing itís the main lead to the starter

I replaced my starter to battery +pos with a really flexable red covered welding cable, crimped ends, then quickly sweated with solder, then a shrink wrap to seal the ends. The soldering must be quick with a fine hot torch so as not to burn or melt the cables cover too much. Some say not to solder because of "cold flow" but this should not be an issue since the crimp should permanently hold the terminal tightly to the cable, the lead filling voids and giving a full bond metal to metal. (Sorry I'm old school and still use proper solder)

But I still had "sluggish" start, only when engine hot, the starter nose bearing was shot and I fitted a "gear reduction starter" - its lighter, smaller and a cite better.

Most people think big red +pos cable and forget how the Starter picks up -12ve,  there may be a number of earths, motor, trans, frame etc etc etc - any of which after conversion could be missing or loose. I put a nice woven earth strap direct from battery negative down to the mounting bolt on the starter.

There are many preps available to coat terminals, but the best I've found is Lanolin Spray used spareingly.

Hi gang
An update as follows.
The HV lead was in good condition but got heat protection wrapped, the fastening bolt got replaced though to help with the connection.  The other thing my mechanic noted was the battery size.  It is physically a small battery but the one I put in a couple of years ago is only 500 CCA and probably not big enough.  I am trying a 600 CCA now which is same as OEM and so far so good.

Gearbox oil changed to Redline and with 20kms of driving OMG what a difference, much smoother and I am much happier.  Diff oil didnít get changed just yet as it hadnít arrived in stock.

So although not a lot of kms on the car (80k kms) one wonders if the 13 year old oil had deteriorated a bit.

Side skirts paining Iím progress.

Softened front shocks and took some pressure off rear springs and I feel ride is better, I think it will need a bit of playing with.



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