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C4 Water pump.


Question .

Where is the best place to mount the bilge pump !????.

Please be advised that C4's have three (3) plenum drains along with a few smaller holes thru the rubber hood to fire wall seal.
These main 3 are all located on the engine side of the firewall on the 90 year model with chain & bar style conversion. Ie the engine bay looks exactly as manufactured, no changes from original.

1. On LH side behind the battery. About 6" long.
2. Nearly centre but to the LH side and behind the wiper motor. About 3" long.
3. Far RH side under the AC Fan housing - 5" long and fatter rubber drain.

#3 if blocked will cause water in the drivers footwell (right hand drive) the duct fills and overflows thru the Recirc vent.
Best access to the drain tube requires the removel of the rear RH quarter panel. Once off you can see the drain, pulls in & out easy.

Some one asked why did I bother putting this up - good question.

At 30 +/- years old, it is easy to be convinced that the weather seals are past there prime, the cost, time and effort to replace weather seals is daunting. Mind you, in the right rain, speed etc I still get a drop of water on my right knee, which I think is safe to attribute to the weather seals.

But if you have water appearing on the floor, it pays to check those drains first.
 A quick cost effective fix, you can do at home.


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