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C4 1987 Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

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Well since I have half the engine ripped apart and a friend mentions bypassing the Throttle Body's (TB) Coolant and I'm locked down in Covid19 seclusion, the mind wanders into Google and Youtubes. After much reading, it is obvious that the heated TB is good for freezing conditions in the northern hemisphere, stops the TB & its butterfly valves icing up and freezing. Whilst I'm keen on skiing and have several sets of snow chains, I dont think there is any way known to man to get those chains around the rear tyres into the guards without causing major damage to the tubs. Why do I mention this, well, I dont really do mods for mods sake.
BUT !.
Since the 87 is apart, and I can clearly see the high levels of corrosion associated with the cooling system,  and I' m trying to get the water, heater and pipes/hoses back to a concise clean layout, and a hot TB is not really required, then its time for a mod, which should allow a better hose layout etc. My87 is a Mirror Conversion, thus heater is now on LH side, along with the Oil Cooler, which started this sorry saga originaly, whilst most of the original pipes/hoses, hot water valve have been junked by the converters. Today driving home In the 90, I was cold, turned on the heater - dialed up a nice level of toasty warm (I must be getting old), I was nearly talked out of repairing the 87's Heater Matrix, after today I'm glad I stuck to my guns and I'll be attacking the 87 with renewed gusto.

I'll have to get a camera that takes pics that can go onto this forum.

Photo's on this  forum (never happen ) Say Christmas in July !!!! Or Sunday lunch to Jamberoo !!! Bondi Breakfast !! Just saying Ray

Thanks Raymond!.

We did have issues like the file size, this was modified by PeterP and upped to 900kbit.

The issue I now have is my ipad went kaput - they raced off to buy me a new one (they must think I'll include them in my will - lol)

The new one (same brand etc etc) but the file size is even greater and it gives new file types, where we only accept  certain types.

Having said all that - I do remember you being at xmas in July, what pics did you take, where are they etc etc etc..... 

Well ?......

Now back on track...... thanks for the call Sirfixalot.

But sitting here now, do I remember correctly, you saying reverse flow.

I thought the LT1 was reverse flow - BUT does that apply to the std L98 ?...

My apologies,  the below pic we had trouble with, and my daughters fingers are so quick it went in here, anyway it shows much mess and corrosion, note the IAC body, you cant see the Pintel for the black crud layer.

ME post photo's on any Forum would be a miracle !!! but wear have all the members gone  who used to post photo's here. It's not your responsibility or anybody else's to post photo's . Members used to do it just for fun !!!!!! Ray


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