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Green Mamba
« on: June 12, 2018, 08:48:54 PM »
I was just looking at a nice ‘68 race car on you tube called “Green Mamba”.
I tried to put the link here but as anyone who has read my rambling post knows, I’m not very good with techno stuff. I managed to “copy” the link somewhere in my iPad here but haven’t got a clue of pasting it. I tried holding my finger down on this bit but no luck.
Anyway, the car, even though a race car, is very nicely built with some clever mods.
Not as stunning and well rebuilt as Brad of wabco fame has done his but still very nice.
Cheer. Hope it’s of interest.

Well me, look at that! I pasted it....woohoo! :pepper:

P.S. Check out the body rocking/flexing/bouncing at the 7:40 min mark.
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