Theo’s 1970 CORVETTE

As with all Corvettes she does have a story to tell. This year two months ago on the 20th May, 1970 she rolled off the production line at Bowling Green Kentucky, so she is officially 50 years old. I don’t have much history from the States but it was brought over by GM Down Under in 2009 and sent out for auction at Shannons with a reserve of $80,000.00. There was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald referring to it.

A Doctor in Edgecliff bought it - not sure of price, but didn’t like it as it was too noisy to drive and he didn’t enjoy it, so it stayed in storage till Dec 2013 when I purchased her. Funny I was after a later model 1992 but when I saw and heard her I was hooked. She was a bit rough around the edges and had over-heating issues so much so that on our runs, Georgie and I went to Palm beach for a run and lunch, just sat down and someone came over and said your car is on fire. It was a split radiator and it was spraying onto block causing steam to come out of the bonnet looking like it was on fire.

Since then I’ve replaced the motor, gave me nothing but grief at every club run fi nished with us limping her home and was not enjoyable. I have slowly fixed all the things that need doing so today the almost fi nished product is what you see. It’s a bit like my match box toy as a kid I never had, flared guards big wheels shiny new paint job, side pipes and roadster to boot. She is not finished and needs some cosmetics done but she is as strong as an ox and goes hard when asked as long as there are plenty of fuel stations along the way.

She is affectingly referred to as the Thumper! I love her, Georgie does too, except after a long run on a highway for hours (Port Macquarie); she has a great sound system but we have never heard it due to side pipes but hey that’s the mystic of the Vette.
Kind Regards, Theo Patsalides