Richard & Lynne’s - C6 Z06
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After owning a Camaro Z28 and a HSV Clubsport R8 in the UK and now owning a HSV Manta, Lynne and I decided we wanted a 2 seater sports car and the Vette soon became the car of choice. Lynne wanted a C6 and I said "if it's a Vette it's a 427!!"

After quite a bit of research and money saving we found the car on the internet at a Chevy dealer in Florida around July 2011. The car is a 2008 Corvette C6 Z06 in Jet Stream Blue with a 2LZ trim specification. The car had one owner, only had 6,000 miles and had the trim I was looking for which included chrome wheels, two tone leather interior, touch screen radio with Bose 7 speaker system and rear GM factory fitted spoiler. Photos of the car looked great.

The price was about $4k US less than anything else on the market and with the exchange rate at the highest it ever got I rang the dealer asked for a few more $'s off and did the deal.

The car was transported to Long Beach port then shipped to Brisbane arriving October 2011 and on to Performax for conversion. Conversion started January 2012 and we collected the car in March 2012 for a very pleasant drive home.

Referencing the original title document I wrote to the original owner who replied advising the car had a MGW short shifter and a Haltech cold air intake and beehive. The previous owner was very nice advising he had treated the car very well and was an awesome machine.

I've done a few minor mods including stainless steel screws, LED lighting, leather centre console and Akrapovic titanium exhaust with 125mm carbon fibre tips. The exhaust is rather special so beautifully manufactured and the whole system is about the same weight as one of the original mufflers (website claims 15kg lighter than stock system!!!).

The Z06 is a spectacular machine with quite a few weight saving items like magnesium engine frame and roof frame, carbon fibre front end and balsa wood sandwich floor!! The 505hp small block LS7 is an awesome engine which sling shots the car into action.

Lynne and I love cruising around and are looking forward to more NSW CC events - see you there.