Peter's Corvettes - Membership # 573

From my earliest days of having a licence, my car of choice has always been a Chevy. My first sighting of a corvette was a white C3 chrome bumper body for sale on Elizabeth Drive opposite Smithfield Rd. There was a for sale sign on the windscreen for ten thousand dollars but it had no motor and gearbox. Though I can't remember how old I was at the time, early teens I think, I have never forgotten it. It has be around forty years until I got to own my first corvette, a white 1982 C3. A year later I got my second corvette, a white 1968 chrome bumper.

Finally tracking down a good corvette mechanic in Ron Missen, I got to meet Ray Smith and it was he who convinced me to attend one of the club meetings. I never saw myself as club type person but thought I may as well check it out. Moni and I attended our first meeting at the end of 2014 and joined the club, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Joining the club however exposed me to all the corvette generations and unknowingly, a dormant disease was woken. Starting with the first C3 multiplying two 2xC3, metastasizing into a C5 and spreading to a C6. Both of us thought we had caught it in time, but alas the C3 had multiplied into 4xC3. There was no stopping it now and within a 21 month period it had developed into a C2 and a C1. The C2 then replicated into a GS and it all finally culminated into a Zo6 C6. The snake had a head.

Miraculously a cure was found, a combination of maintenance and repair costs and or a divorce. I still get an itch occasionally, but a strong wife and rolling pin has kept the disease at bay.

My vettes from left to right are as follows; 1963 Silver C2 Grand Sport Replica, 1965 Rally Red C2, 1968 Polar White C3, 1970 Bridgehampton Blue C3, 1970 Daytona Yellow C3, 1982 White C3, 1961 Ermine White & Silver C1, 2001 Black C5, 2005 Black C6, 2011 Sonic Blue Zo6 C6 Carbon.

Owning ten corvettes is not recommended but having a corvette is for the young at heart, We've had the pleasure of meeting and sharing good times and outings with great people in our club and we hope for it to continue for many years to come.

Pete & Moni