Nick & Sharon's 1972 Corvette Coupe

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Persistence pays off
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We stumbled across a car show held by the NSW Corvettes club at Bella Vista in 2004 and spotted a certain Bryar blue C3 at the event and vowed one day we would be the owners of this car if and when it would be for sale. After stalking the car, we found it again at Fox Studios with “For Sale” signs in it – that car was ours!
We purchased 72vet in September 2004 off a former club member, Terry, who kept the car in immaculate condition.

Once the excitement of finally owning the car wore off (and dreams of Hamilton Island holidays faded into oblivion, along with our pay ), it was time to add our own personal touch to the car. New seats, carpet, detailing the engine bay and adding many new accessories.

We’ve driven the car on a 2 week tour to Tasmania which in a C3 is very challenging for luggage space and to Queensland to our Corvette cousins for a Show n Shine.

After driving the Vette as it should be driven for 6 years and not kept idle in a garage, along

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with having too much spare time in March 2010, the decision was made - it was time for a body off resto!

We thought this would be a straight forward job. You know, pull the thing apart clean and replace all the worn parts and then put it back together again. Simple! Yeah right, two years later with many a cold night in the man cave, with no sympathy from the fund manager with dwindling finances, the car was finished in May 2012.

Even after the resto, every chance we have to hit the loud peddle we’re off on a run, although a tad more selective on the roads traveled and cringing when a new stone chip appears, but it happens.

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Thanks to the guys that helped with the rebuild, including my ever smiling fund manager, who enjoyed the fact that I spent so much time in the garage in the evenings for two years.

Persistence does pay off, eventually.

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