Michael’s – 1990 C4

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From my earliest recollection, I’ve always admired and wanted a C4 Corvette due it its shape and style, commonly referred to as the wedge.

My first Corvette was a beautiful red small block 69 corvette convertible back in 2007 and even back then, deep down inside, I also desired a late model C4, but just didn’t have the funds, or the garages to have them both.  I kept the little red corvette for three years and then sold her to make way for new adventures.

The desire of owning a C4 however never went away.

After some time and many years later, while day dreaming on the net, I happened to come across this award winning 1990 C4 for sale.. I immediately recognised it, having seen it in Brisbane some several years earlier at a corvette show.  I knew that I just had to own this car.

After numerous calls and conversations with various people about this vehicle, and negotiations with the owner, (a bank cheque made out in ones name does help seal the deal), the car was mine. The owner “Raymond Doyle”, only decided to sell the car to me knowing that it was going to a good home and an enthusiast, and that I would tressure and maintain his legacy.

The car was originally imported in 1993 and converted by John Bondock who meticulously took 8 months to carry out the mirror conversion on the car, being his personal vehicle. John wanted the finish as if it came off the production line back in Bowling Green. .  The paint work itself took a year to undertake and still beams today

The car was then purchased by a doctor, who never used it, stored it for three years and then resold it to Raymond Doyle in 2003 who virtually took the car apart, and rebuilt the driveline and engine, and brought the car to its current award winning show standard.
Now ten years later, Raymond and his lovely wife Gay had decided to travel and see Australia, and this is where I come into the picture being in at the right place at the right time to obtain this beautiful car.