Mal & Mary’s 1977 Coupe
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The BJ story.

Born in 1977 and apparently dark blue metallic now Nissan Red, She lived in Canada and New York. Then she was sold to a guy on the Queensland Gold Coast.

The last owner bought her sight unseen and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was un-registerable as she had a totally rusted out chassis.

Mary and & I bought her March 2012 (and joined the club about a month later).

The previous owner also replaced pretty much everything underneath the body, “Chassis”, New Kone shocks and front control arms & rear suspension, alternator & every nut and bolt. The auto 350 was rebuilt, new drive shaft and axles. All wheel bearings were replaced. New Radiator support bracket, Side pipes added to allow you to burn your leg. However, much of the exterior & interior was in need of TLC.

I had new Boyd Codington Junk Yard Dog Gunmetal Grey wheels fitted. 0 off set 18” x 8” front with Toyo Proexes 235/45/ZR18 TI Sport rubber and 20” x 9” rears with 245/45ZR20 Proexes 4 rear tyres. Required after a slide across the Pacific Hwy in the wet, when Mary refused to get in her again until I had safe tyres.

Now, that I have spent a year and a half on her, she is slowly but surely getting there. However BJ manages to keep me on my toes, with breakdowns which are not as frequent as they were when we joined the club.

The future plan is to install another diff and hopefully a T700 gearbox at some point and then I will be happy. She may not the best car in the club. But we love her with all her faults.

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