David & Sandy Jarrett's C5 Corvette

Membership # 564 & # 584

C5 001VET previously owned by the treasurer of Western Australian Corvettes .
It's just a great car all round and Sandy is much more comfortable in it than ourt previous C3 , happy wife ,happy life I say.
We both now love going on our runs with like minded vette owners. What a great sight to see a big line of vettes cruising together.
Cheers Dave And Sandy Jarrett - 'In Vette Heaven'
Here are some of our vette specs
#Magnetic Red metallic with tint
#Black leather interior -black top
#Compact 12 disc player with remote
#Heads up display
#Special edition polished alloys
#350 horsepower
#Performance axle ratio 3-15
#Full corsa extreme performance exhaust system.