Colin & Jung's 1973 C 3 Membership

Membership # 576

I was always in love with cars following in my mechanic Father's footsteps. With my retirement looming we had been thinking of a retirement interest - why not a classic car. I was thinking of something modest - MGB or maybe an old Alfa, etc. Jung kept saying they were all too dull.

I undertook a painstaking education of Jung in classic cars from magazines, many trips to classic car shows and auctions. Finally Jung said "If you don't do it now you will be too old to enjoy it but it must be red".

In January 2015, Jung gave the thumbs up when we found our C3. It was one of 5 or 6 cars being let go from a large private collection. It had originally come from Queensland in 2007 and was with its second Sydney owner. The steering has been swapped in Queensland. When Jung was taken for a ride in it she said "it sounded like Beethoven's Symphony No.5 from inside". We love the supreme sound, its irresistible exotic shape and sturdy muscular aroma, a work of modern art. It has a 350 with 3 speed auto (so Jung can have a drive). It has been lowered at some stage, has a Holley and those correct period red wheels which Jung loves.

We are having great fun with this car, and are getting used to the attention it attracts from teenage boys to grandmothers calling out "Nice Car!"